Between January 2022 and May 2024, work will be carried out at the three Network Rail High Speed stations - here at St. Pancras International, Stratford International and Ebbsfleet International - to service lifts, escalators, and travelators. This will maintain their future reliability for people passing through. The work has been planned carefully to ensure that you can still access all public areas and platforms and get where you need to go.  

St. Pancras International has four main rail services from the station – Eurostar, East Midlands Railway, Southeastern and Thameslink, all of which will remain accessible

Passenger Assist

If at any time you need Passenger Assist or help with luggage while at the station, our team will be available to help.

For Eurostar, Southeastern and East Midlands Railway assistance, contact us here.



There are currently four escalators to and from the Southeastern platforms from the station’s ground level, as well as one main public lift.

  • Between February 2022 and May 2022, two escalators will be closed for servicing. The second two will remain open at all times, one heading up and one heading down.
  • From April 2022 to June 2022, we’ll be switching them around and the first two will be serviced while the other two will reopen.

During this time, the main passenger lift from the ground level to the Southeastern platforms will also remain open.

These four escalators will be back up and running again by July 2022 – just in time for your summer holiday travel.


Three lifts and one travelator will be having some work done throughout

  • Between January 2022 and April 2022, the lift going up towards Platforms 7 and 8 will be closed.
  • Between September 2022 and December 2022, the lift going up towards Platforms 9 and 10 will be closed.
  • Between September 2022 and December 2022, the travelator, with access to platforms 5 and 6 will be closed. Alternative travellator will remain available and will provide access to platforms 5 – 6.

During these works, all visitors will be required to use the travellator. Those unable to use the travellator will be contacted in the Departure Lounge or at Check In to have arrangements explained to them.

All lifts and travelators will remain open for the summer holiday period. There will be no changes to the check-in process during this time and visitors will be able to travel as normal.



  • Between February 2023 and May 2023, the main lift up and down from the ground floor of the station to the Southeastern platform level will be closed.

During this time the four escalators will be fully open and a temporary platform lift will be installed to transport passengers from the ground level to platform level. London underground can be accessed via lift E located at hotel end (south end) of station or 2 lifts located in Kings Cross Station.


  • Between January 2023 and April 2023, the main lift up to Platforms 5 and 6 will be closed.

An alternative travelator will remain available and will provide access to platforms 5 – 6.

All the other travelators will remain open, however, if you need assistance or are unable to use the travelator, a member of staff will speak with you upon check in.

Access to East Midlands Railway platforms & The Grand Terrace

In the station’s main arcade, there are two pairs of escalators. Currently, one pair goes up to the Grand Terrace and one pair goes down.

  • Between January 2023 and March 2023, we will be closing one from each pair. This means, at all times, there will still be one up and one down escalator always running to keep you moving smoothly.
  • Between April 2023 and June 2023, we’ll be opening the refreshed escalators and closing the other two.

During this time, both of the main lifts going up and down from the ground floor to the Grand Terrace will remain open.

JANUARY 2024 TO MAY 2024 


  • Between January 2024 and April 2024, one of the lifts in the main arcade will be closed. This lift is at the North end, nearest to retailers Calvin Klein and Samsonite.

During this time, the second lift in the main arcade, nearest retailer Fortnum & Mason, will remain fully open, in addition to all the lifts.


Train travel is one of the lowest-carbon forms of mass transport. For example, a trip from London to Paris on Eurostar emits over 50kg less CO2e per passenger than the equivalent flight!


Whether you're looking for a bit of sun, culture - or just good food, you can travel to a range of destinations to fill your appetite. Discover all of Eurostar's destinations - with direct trains to: 

  • Paris, Lille & Disneyland Paris
  • South of France & Calais
  • Brussels, Amsterdam & Rotterdam

As well as our connecting destinations with an easy change in either Paris, Lille or Brussels to Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany. 

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Southeastern trains travel to an array of wonderful destinations. Take in the sea air at one of the many seaside towns, explore rolling hills and beautiful Kent countryside or visit London and explore everything the city has to offer. 

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The EMR network is home to some of the UK's best-known attractions and locations. It's also home to little known yet exciting experiences.

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