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Safety at St Pancras International


  • Stand on the right, walk on the left – do not run, and always hold onto the handrail. The leading cause of escalator accidents at St Pancras in the last year was people falling due to having too much luggage and not using the lifts.

  • If you are traveling with large items of luggage, pushchairs, buggies, young children, pets or bicycles or if you are unsteady on your feet, walk with a cane, frame or crutches, please use the lift.
  • Face the direction you are traveling and do not attempt to walk the wrong way.

  • Keep all loose clothing clear from the treads and sides; if you are wearing open-toed sandals or crocs, do not put your toes right up close to the steps.

  • Please consider not using your mobile phone when on the escalator.


  • Do not run when in the station, especially on a platform, as you may fall and injure yourself and others.

Bicycles, skateboards, roller skates/blades

  • It is against the law to ride or skate within a UK railway station. This is because you could collide with other people or the building.

Platform edges

  • Keep away from platform edges, even when the platform is empty and when trains are arriving or departing.

  • Do not lean over platform edges.
  • Wait for trains to stop and door indicators to sound before attempting to use a train door to board/alight.


  • Please keep all of your personal effects and belongings within your sight at all times.

  • Do not leave any luggage, bicycles or trolleys unattended, as they may be removed due to causing unnecessary security risks.

  • If you see anything suspicious, or anyone acting suspiciously, please contact a member of staff or the call the police immediately – dial 999.