Just A Train Journey Away

As much as we love London in the Spring/Summer sunshine, escaping the bustle of the capital to visit the coast, hike a scenic trail or explore a postcard-perfect city every once in a while is a must.

Whether you are looking to whizz off for a romantic break to Paris, or stay closer to home exploring Kent's coastline, travelling by train from St Pancras leads to many day(trip)dream destinations, and it is the greener way to go!

Here’s some top destinations to visit this year and why you should choose to travel by high-speed train.



Hop on one of Eurostar's high-speed trains and discover the cultural delights of some of the world's most famous cities! And with carbon dioxide emissions up to 14 times less than the equivalent flight, travel is guilt-free! Insta-worthy canals in Amsterdam, beer tours in Brussels or eating baguettes by the Seine in Paris - what could be better?

Amsterdam Awaits

If you want to immerse yourself in culture there are 44 museums to choose from, many of which are world class, or you can explore the canal ring. If you fancy a shopping break, there are over 6,000 shops and 32 markets to browse. Amsterdam is under 4 hours from St. Pancras International and more trains will be added this month!

  • Carbon Calculator: 4kg of CO2e vs 60.7kg via plane

Eurostar Amsterdam

A Break in Brussels

Brussels is only 2 hours from St. Pancras International when travelling by Eurostar. Brussels has enough art, culture, and cuisine to keep even the most ambitious explorer busy for days. And that’s before you’ve even started on the beer menu!

  • Carbon Calculator: 4.3kg CO2e going by Eurostar vs 51.7kg CO2e via plane

A Parisian Adventure

Paris may be a city of classic sights, but it never stands still. However well you know its streets, there’s always something new to discover, from buzz-worthy restaurant openings to freshly renovated museums.

  • Carbon Calculator: 4kg CO2e going by Eurostar vs 57.8kg via plane


Who said a trip to Kent isn't as exciting as Europe? Shop designer fashion in Ashford or satisfy your amusement fix in Margate. Easily accessible from London via Southeastern trains, it's no wonder Lonely Planet have listed it as number 4 on their list of the Worlds Best Regions To Visit in 2022!

Shop in Ashford

Ashford itself boasts a number of great places to visit including Ashford Designer Outlet and Curious Brewery, located just minutes’ walk from the train station. Perfect for a shopping day trip as it is only 40 minutes from St. Pancras International.

  • Carbon Calculator: 3.65 CO2e vs 12.24 kgs via car

Take me to Folkestone

Just under 1 hr from St. Pancras International, you can visit Folkestone. Explore the old town, galleries, and independent shops on the cobbled streets of the Creative Quarter and not forgetting to visit the Harbour arm for tasty street food and anything from Champagne to speciality coffee.

  • Carbon Calculator: 4.59 CO2e vs 15.39 kgs via car

Must see Margate

A short further journey beyond the high-speed line will get you to this charming but contemporary seaside town. Thanks to its mix of relaxation, culture, and adrenalin-fuelled amusements, it’s a perfect day or weekend away. About 1 hr 30 from St. Pancras International.

  • Carbon Calculator: 4.69 CO2e vs 15.71 kgs via car

Support Our Shops, Protect Our Peatlands

By choosing to shop and dine at St. Pancras International, you will be helping restore a vital ecosystem that globally stores more Carbon Dioxide than trees do.

With its own sustainable shopping and dining initiative saving our very own vital ecosystems on every purchase made, it’s the perfect place to spoil yourself in its array of shops and restaurants and start your trip in style. Champagne anyone?

Click here to find out more on Project Peatlands!

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