Bree Runway Performs at St. Pancras

Singer and songwriter, Bree Runway dropped into St. Pancras to play a live acoustic performance of her new single ‘Somebody Like You’ with Sir Elton's piano.

Thousands of wowed visitors stopped to capture the performance, as Bree Runway, who has been dubbed by many as “a superstar in the making” continued a legacy of stunning surprise performances at the station from world-class musicians such as John Legend, Elton John and Ed Sheeran.

Accompanied by a live choir and pianist, Bree performed an acoustic rendition of ‘Somebody Like You’ - a stunning neon-lit devotional that showcases Bree’s emotive and dynamic vocal talents.

Speaking about the track, Bree says, “An ode to my future lover, in a generation where love and relationships have become so transactional, I’m still preserving myself for the real thing. “Somebody like you” he is also like me, he will see value in a love that can’t be bought, it simply just is. It can be such an empty, soulless generation but in all of that I am still sure there is a precious diamond in all the dirt for me.”

Bree Runway Performs at St. Pancras

‘Somebody Like You’ out now

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Bree Runway Performs at St. Pancras.