Filming & Photography at St. Pancras International

St. Pancras International Station is a masterpiece of Victorian Gothic Architecture and one of the most elegant stations in the world. Features include the iconic Barlow Shed and roof, the Sir John Betjeman and Meeting Place statues, the famous Dent St. Pancras clock, the Eastern Arch leading to the hotel forecourt and a ground floor level full of high spec, retail spaces - a wealth of contrasting locations, all under one roof.

HS1 Ltd. and our station operator always try to support filming & photography at this station, especially those that look to showcase and celebrate the stunning architecture and character of the building. We are proud to see so many visitors enjoying the station and remembering and sharing those experiences through photography and films.

As the station’s commitment is to maintaining safe and reliable operations and offering a seamless visitor experience, we require that any professional photography or filming in our public areas are applied for via the processes below so that we can discuss your request with you.

Large-Scale Filming: 

Network Rail represents HS1 Ltd. for filming here for large-scale filming project types including:

  • Commercials
  • Feature films
  • TV fiction
  • Music videos

For these projects, please follow their process on

Small-Scale Filming & Photography: 

For small-scale filming at our stations, please review the guidance in this presentation and follow the application steps.

Events and Pop-Ups:

St. Pancras International regularly organises and hosts exciting events, performances and activations in line with our year-round activity calendar.

The station has designated activation spaces throughout which we accept enquiries for and are reviewed on a case by case basis. These will be accepted or declined based on the nature, time frame and associated benefits to the station.

If you would like to enquire about holding an event or performance in St. Pancras please send your request through to and a member of the team will come back to you to discuss as soon as possible. 

If you represent a brand and would like to enquire about our high footfall popup spaces for brand activations or retail opportunities, please contact us for rates, specifications and lead times on and a member of the team will come back to you.

Public Pianos:

The public pianos were launched in 2012 when the City of London Festival celebrated its golden anniversary on a grand scale, presenting Play Me, I’m Yours with 50 golden street pianos spread across London landmarks and beauty spots for three weeks, from 24 June until 13 July 2012. At the end of the campaign, the pianos at St Pancras International remained available to play. There are currently 2 public pianos at the station, both located in the main Arcade, one of which was donated and signed by music legend, Elton John.

The pianos have become an integral part of the station’s community and have inspired many impromptu performances by countless members of public, young and old. The pianos bring people together and become a catalyst for conversation as people watch performances as they’re passing through. As part of the station’s planned annual event schedule, the pianos have also played host to flash mobs, professional orchestras, professional musicians, charity events and exciting famous faces, much to the delight of star-struck onlookers. More information on the famous faces who have played at the station can be found here. You can also see some of the public’s impromptu performances on social media via the hashtag #PianistsofStPancras

As primarily the pianos are for general enjoyment, we ask that anyone wishing to perform, photograph or film at the pianos for commercial gain, apply to use it for this purpose via the same form and contacts as below. This allows us to manage the pianos in a fair way, ensuring that the public can continue to tinkle the ivories for enjoyment as they pass through, but also allows us to give you the appropriate support needed for your activity should you need it for commercial reasons.

Filming & Photography at HS1 Stations