Pups of St. Pancras


Researchers from St. Pancras have polled the nation's dog owners and revealed that such is the love for their pets, 21 percent (a fifth) had returned early from holiday because they couldn't bear to be away from their furry friend any longer. Of those who had left a holiday early to get back to the pooch, the average time it took before they packed their bags and went home was just four days. 

For those dog owners who lasted the course of their holiday without their dog, 39 percent said they couldn't stop wondering what their pet was doing, and more than a quarter (26 percent) wished their dog was with them. 34 percent asked the person who was dog-sitting for them to send photos of their fur baby and 17 percent insisted on video calls with their pooch.

Missing our pets whilst on holiday can also turn us into vacation bores, with 18 percent of pet owners confessing they spent the whole holiday talking about their dog to anyone who would listen, 28 percent missed their pet for the entire trip - and almost 1 in 20 (4 percent) were reduced to tears just thinking of their pooch.

Such is the intense feeling of love towards our pets and the sense of missing them so strong, when we holiday without them that it is little wonder that 31 percent of those polled said they always plan their holidays around their pet by taking dog friendly transport and 50 percent saying they always try to stay in dog friendly accommodation. This does mean having to think carefully about the destination you travel to. Of those who always take their dog away with them, the vast majority (86 percent) said this meant holidaying in the UK, rather than going abroad.

So intense is the bond between man and dog that the St. Pancras study found almost a quarter (23 percent) of respondents admitted the nicest thing about their holiday was arriving home and seeing their pooch again - while 19 percent vowed never to go away without taking their dog with them. The best things about a pet owner being reunited with their dog was revealed as seeing their cute little face (56 percent), having a welcome home cuddle on the sofa together (50 percent), taking them on a special big walk (46 percent), and smelling their fur again (20 percent).

For those that do take their dogs on holiday with them there are a whole host of benefits to be had. The study reveals the best things about taking dogs on holiday, with the good vibes generated from having the whole family together being top of the list (57 percent), followed by the enjoyment of being able to give their fur baby the chance to explore somewhere new (51 percent). Seeing how happy dogs are paddling in the sea came in third (35 percent) tied with the enjoyment of posting pics of dogs on vacation on social media (35 percent). Seeing dogs being admired by other families (18 percent) was also in the list.

Overall, almost three quarters (73 percent) of the dog owners polled said they think one of the responsibilities of having a pet is not leaving them behind when they go on holiday.

St. Pancras is a travel hub with a host of domestic operators providing convenient connections for dog lovers to get away. From St. Pancras station you can reach a wide range of exceptional dog walking spots including Shipley Park, Fairlands Valley Park in Stevenage and The White Cliffs of Dover. Trains are one of the most animal friendly forms of transport meaning that pet owners across the UK can travel with their beloved furry ones by rail to hugely popular holiday destinations.

Survey of 2000 UK based dog owners, commissioned by St. Pancras and conducted by Perspectus Global in August 2023