Mother's Day: Let Love Travel

Between 16th - 18th March on the lead up to Mother's Day, St. Pancras will introduce a unique letter writing station for visitors to pen letters to their mum and post ahead of the big day.

Complete with postbox, writing desk, Paperchase stationery and featuring a beautifully decorated flower wall, visitors using the letter writing station will be able to mail their letters for free.     

Here at St. Pancras we've got a touch of nostalgia...

Research suggests that 35% of millennials will opt to send their Mum a text on Mother’s Day over a handwritten card. 

The study of 1,000 respondents also unveiled a quarter will send their well wishes via a WhatsApp message and one in four will opt to ping over a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ email. Despite the Digital Age influencing how people communicate for special occasions, a whopping 69% feel that receiving a handwritten card or letter shows that the sender ‘really cares’.

WhatsApping mum on Mother's Day may be convenient, however if you're like us and feel that letter writing is a lost art form then why not take the opportunity to put your phone away and show mum how much you care.

Let's put pen to paper!