Sustainability in and around St. Pancras International

LNER Green Guide 2024: Your Handbook to Sustainability

The LNER Green Guide 2024, helps give some ‘Greenspiration’ to your travel plans! In 2021, LNER launched their first ever Green Guide, designed to provide staycation inspiration to explore the best that the UK has to offer whilst making sustainable choices. 

For this fourth guide, LNER teamed up with St. Pancras International, Southeastern, Visit Kent and the King’s Cross Neighbourhood to launch an extended version of the popular series. This time, bringing you travel inspiration from more hidden gems and under-discovered destinations across the South and East Coasts of the UK.

For each destination, you’ll find a wealth of ecotravel inspiration from hotels, to attractions with award-winning green credentials, and gastro hotspots famed for only using local produce.

The icing on the cake? With train travel being the most eco-friendly form of transport, you can be safe in the
knowledge that you’re able to travel to each of the destinations profiled in this guide guilt-free. 

LNER Green Guide 2024

Eco-friendly places to eat, stay and play in Canterbury & the East Kent Coast, Ashford & Folkestone, Aberdeen, King’s Cross Neighbourhood, St. Pancras International and Leeds

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Guide Highlights: What to expect

Canterbury & the East Kent Coast: Nature's Retreat

Embark on a journey to Canterbury & the East Kent Coast, where nature and sustainability intertwine. Delight in locally sourced, organic cuisines, and unwind in eco-friendly accommodations that offer a respite for both you and the environment.

Ashford & Folkestone: A Tapestry of Green Living

Explore Ashford & Folkestone, where the charm of the countryside meets sustainable living. Immerse yourself in eco-conscious activities, from hiking trails to community-supported agriculture, and discover accommodations committed to minimising their ecological impact.

Aberdeen: Coastal Sustainability

Venture to Aberdeen, where the rugged coastline meets sustainable living. Savour the flavours of locally sourced seafood in restaurants dedicated to preserving marine ecosystems. Choose accommodations that prioritise green practices, ensuring your stay aligns with the serenity of the Scottish coast.

King’s Cross Neighbourhood: Urban Oasis

Discover the urban oasis of the King’s Cross Neighbourhood. Engage with businesses and initiatives dedicated to sustainable urban living. From rooftop gardens to eco-friendly boutiques, this area seamlessly integrates environmental awareness into its vibrant cityscape.

St. Pancras International: Where Journeys Begin Responsibly

As your journey commences or concludes at St. Pancras International, rest assured that your adventure is aligned with responsible travel. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the station, encompassing every aspect of your experience.

Leeds: Green Cityscape

In Leeds, sustainability meets a dynamic cityscape. Engage in eco-friendly excursions, dine in establishments dedicated to local and organic produce, and unwind in accommodations committed to reducing their environmental footprint.