A Special Q&A with Father Christmas at St. Pancras

As we know, Santa Claus is a man of mystery, delivering joy to children around the world every Christmas Eve. But what do we really know about the jolly old fellow who spreads holiday cheer wherever he goes? Today, we offer you a special glimpse into Santa's world with an exclusive Q&A session at the heart of Christmas magic, St. Pancras International.

The team at St. Pancras had the pleasure of sitting down with the big man himself to delve into some of the festive questions we've all pondered.


Meet Santa at St. Pancras International

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Now, let’s unveil the magic with Santa's own words.

Welcome to St. Pancras, Santa! How was your journey here from the North Pole?

Santa: Ho, ho, ho! Thank you kindly! Being at St. Pancras International is truly special. My journey from the North Pole, while lengthy, was magical as always. Rudolph and the rest of the reindeer team have certainly earned their rest! The London air is quite balmy compared to the brisk North Pole, wouldn't you say?

With your annual trip delivering presents around the globe, you must see some breath taking sights. Do you have a favourite?

Santa: Oh, the world is full of festive wonders! The fabulous team at Sharky & George have outdone themselves with my Grotto here, and I'm eagerly anticipating all the joyous faces of London's children. While the North Pole is my main workshop, sometimes I embrace the wonders of remote work to enjoy different backdrops. Have you heard of this trend? Quite revolutionary! Paris and Amsterdam always capture the Christmas spirit beautifully with their twinkling streets.

What is the biggest challenge you face when delivering gifts around the world?

Santa: Navigating those chimneys after enjoying a few too many mince pies can be tricky! Sometimes it's a snug fit!

Do you have a favourite treat that children leave out for you? And the reindeer – any special snacks for them?

Santa: Oh, the reindeer and I have a soft spot for milk and a scrumptious mince pie. However, since arriving at the station, we've been treated to a delightful assortment of cookies, pastries, and chocolates. I might just swap my usual milk for a hot chocolate from Benugo and perhaps exchange the gingerbread for an exquisite Aux Merveilleux De Fred treat. It is Christmas, after all! 

What's your favourite aspect of St. Pancras during the holiday season?

Santa: The bustling shops at St. Pancras whisk me away to a charming miniature North Pole, brimming with delightful surprises. But I must give a special nod to the majestic Christmas Tree gracing the station. And between you and me, I'm quite the book enthusiast. Each tale is a new journey, much like the trains that whisk travellers to their destinations!

Oh! So you like books! Could you give us some titles that we should consider this Christmas 2023?

Santa: I have an endless list of delightful books! I had the pleasure of wandering around Hatchard's magical bookstore, and I must say, the sheer number of titles and the wealth of well-known classics opened my eyes to an entirely new world of books. 


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