Cornelia Parker’s work, One More Time, in 2015, was a working replica of the station’s DENT London clock. Reversed out in black and silver, it became reminiscent of a photographic negative. The black clock was suspended 16 metres in front of the original, so for those alighting from the trains the original face will gradually appear eclipsed.

One More Time was conceived to invoke meditative thoughts on the passage of time, life and mortality: “The clock is the most conscious focus of a railway station, a dominant force. Everyone is watching the clock, checking if they are late. The piece will introduce the idea of a parallel frame of reference, that of a slower astronomical time.” (Cornelia Parker RA) The artwork was made with DENT London Clocks, manufacturers of the present clock at St Pancras and the Great Clock in the Elizabeth Tower, commonly known as Big Ben.

Cornelia Parker RA