Toilets and Changing Places


Where are the toilets and baby changing facilities located?

The toilets and baby changing facilities are located in the station’s Arcade on the lower ground floor opposite Eurostar arrivals, and in the Circle just past Boots and Excess Baggage Co.

Are there accessible toilets in St. Pancras station?

Yes, there are wheelchair and mobility impaired accessible toilets in both the Arcade area and the Circle areas. Additional toilets are also located in the international departures lounge.

Does St. Pancras station have Changing Places facilities?

No, St. Pancras station doesn't have any Changing Places facilities in-station. However, there are a couple of these facilities close-by at King's Cross station and Pancras Square.

Luggage Storage

Is there luggage storage at St. Pancras?

Yes, there is luggage storage available at Excess Baggage Co. Located in The Circle area on the Ground Floor.

Lost Property

Where can I find lost property at St. Pancras station?

Excess Baggage Co. handles lost property that's lost in the station. You can email them to report any missing items via or register your lost property through their website. 

If you have lost something on a train, then please contact the train operating company directly.

WIFI, Charging Points, Phones

Is free WiFi available in St. Pancras station? How can I access it?

Yes, free, unlimited superfast WiFi is available within St. Pancras International, and can be accessed via the SSID ‘St Pancras Free’. No registration is required, and you can connect in just a couple of clicks.

Where are the charging spots located?

There are USB charging points on the benches located in the public areas of the station. A number of the station’s cafes also offer free charging for phones and other electronic devices to customers. The cafes include Benugo, Searcys Champagne Bar & Brasserie, Carluccio's, and Yo! Sushi. Additionally, there are numerous charging outlets in the Eurostar Departure lounge, once you have gone through Security.

Where can I find public phones?

Public Phones are located by station Reception and in the Pancras Rd entrance to the underground.

Cash Machines AND CURRENCY

Are there cash machines?

Yes, cash machines can be found down the main Arcade outside Neuhaus.

Do you have a currency exchange service?

Yes - visit Change Group Currency Exchange for cash or cash-free currency. Change Group UK offers a range of travel money options with excellent rates and convenient, hassle-free service. Full details available here.

Photo Booths

Where can I find photo booths?

There are photo booths in the station where pictures for passports, travel passes and other identity documents can be obtained. The photo booths are located in the Circle area by Boots.

Mobility Assistance

What assistance is available for people with mobility impairments?

If you need mobility assistance or any help with luggage whilst at the station, the station staff will be pleased to help. Please speak to any of the Customer Service Assistants on the concourse wearing light blue St Pancras vests. Pre-booking assistance is also available. Please contact the train operator 48 hours in advance to book assistance throughout your journey.

Buying Tickets

Where can I buy tickets and get train information?

Tickets and train information for UK services are available from the ticket offices on the lower ground floor at the National Rail Ticket Office. Eurostar tickets can be purchased from the ticket office opposite Eurostar arrivals in the Arcade. Reserved Eurostar tickets can be collected from ticket machines in the Eurostar ticket office and in the Eurostar departures area.

Safety & Security

What safety measures are in place at the station?

St. Pancras International is part of the Secure station Scheme, meeting prescribed safety standards set by the British Transport Police and the Department for Transport. Safe zones, help points and enhanced lighting are in place and the station is monitored and patrolled constantly by CCTV coverage, station staff and the police, with all staff trained on emergency policies and procedures. Find out more here.

What cleaning and safety measures are in place at St. Pancras?

Zoono sanitiser is applied every 14 days to public areas and toilets and Prism Technology is used to ensure toilets are of the highest standard of hygiene, with weekly disinfectant cleans using the Foamex method.

Cleaning robots Misty and Apollo are still hard at work throughout the station, with Misty cleaning and disinfecting surfaces simultaneously with its automated scrubber dryer and Apollo's unique technology killing 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria on all surfaces and in the air surrounding it in a matter of minutes.

Find out more here.

Where can I find safety information for specific rail operators?

The latest safety information from our rail operators, can be found on their websites: Southeastern Railway, East Midlands Railway, Thameslink and Eurostar.

Station Works

Are there any station works taking place at St. Pancras station?

Yes, between January 2022 and May 2024, work will be carried out at the three Network Rail High Speed stations, including St. Pancras International, Stratford International, and Ebbsfleet International. The work is to service lifts, escalators, and travelators to maintain their future reliability for people passing through. The work has been planned carefully to ensure that you can still access all public areas and platforms and get where you need to go. More information about the works at St Pancras International is available on the website.

Car Parking

Where can I find information on St. Pancras car park?

For full details on car parking at St. Pancras, click here.

Can I pre-book parking at St. Pancras station?

Yes, to guarantee a space and save time on the day, you can pre-book parking from 12 hours to a year. Alternatively, you can turn up on the day and pay at the ticket machines located on the ground floor.

Is there step-free access to all platforms?

There are 315 car parking spaces set over two floors with step-free access to all platforms.

Can private cars pick up and drop off passengers in the St. Pancras station parking?

Yes, private cars can pick up and set down in the parking bays on Pancras Road. However, vehicles should not be left unattended here. Please note that Pancras Road is one-way and can only be accessed from Euston Road.

Bike Parking & Bike Hire

Is there bike parking available at St. Pancras station?

Yes, there are 276 bike spaces within the station's free car park cycle compound. Additionally, you can take advantage of the bike free parking just off Pancras Road between St. Pancras and King's Cross station.

What is Santander Cycles and how can I use them?

Santander Cycles is London’s self-service, bike-sharing scheme for short journeys. You can hire a bike from as little as £2 by going to any docking station with your bank card and touching the screen to get started. There are Santander docking stations a short walk from St. Pancras; one on Goods Way by the zebra crossing and another on Handyside Street near the Platform theatre.

How can I rent a Brompton folding bike?

You can hire a folding bike from Brompton Bikes from just £3.50 per day by registering and crediting your account to get started, reserving a bike and collecting it from the nearby docking station at 6 Pancras Square

Can I take the Brompton Bike on public transport?

Yes, Brompton Bikes can easily be folded and taken on tubes, trains, and buses, to work to leave under your desk or even taken home for the weekend.

Where can I find more information about Santander cycles?

You can find more information about Santander cycles on the Santander Cycles website.

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