Amsterdam: A Popular Tourist Destination

Amsterdam is a city that captures the hearts of millions of travellers each year. Known for its picturesque canals, historic architecture, world-class museums, and vibrant culture, it offers something for everyone. Whether you're interested in art, history, culinary delights, or simply exploring charming streets, Amsterdam has it all.


Getting to Amsterdam by Train from the UK

One of the most convenient ways to reach Amsterdam from the UK is by train. The Eurostar connects St. Pancras International to Amsterdam, providing a seamless and comfortable journey. Cross-channel routes allow travellers to enjoy the scenic views of the countryside while effortlessly making their way to the heart of Amsterdam.


Travel Times to Amsterdam

Travel times from London to Amsterdam typically range from around four to five hours. The convenience and comfort of train travel make it an excellent choice for exploring Amsterdam.


Exploring Amsterdam's Canals and Landmarks

Amsterdam's canals are iconic and offer a unique way to experience the city. Canal cruises and boat tours allow you to soak in the beauty of Amsterdam's waterways while learning about its history and architecture. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the Anne Frank House, a poignant reminder of the city's past. Other must-see landmarks include Dam Square and the Royal Palace.


Amsterdam's World-Class Museums and Art Scene

Art enthusiasts will be in awe of Amsterdam's exceptional museum scene. The Rijksmuseum houses an extensive collection of Dutch Golden Age art, including masterpieces by Rembrandt and Vermeer. The Van Gogh Museum offers a deep dive into the life and works of the renowned artist. For lovers of modern and contemporary art, the Stedelijk Museum is a must-visit. And don't forget to explore the Rembrandt House Museum to gain insights into the life and works of the Dutch master painter. Tip: Have a look at the museum’s website before visiting in case you need to pre-book!


Delving into Amsterdam's Cultural and Historical Sites

Beyond its canals and museums, Amsterdam has much more to offer. Spend a relaxing afternoon at Vondelpark, one of the city's most beloved green spaces. Dive into the beer culture at the Heineken Experience, where you can learn about the brewing process and enjoy tastings. The Red Light District displays Amsterdam's unique character and is worth exploring for its historical significance. For a peaceful escape, visit the Begijnhof and discover its hidden courtyards.

Experiencing Amsterdam's Local Flavours

No trip to Amsterdam would be complete without sampling traditional Dutch cuisine. Try classics like stroopwafels (syrup waffles), bitterballen (deep-fried meatballs), and haring (raw herring). Local markets like Albert Cuyp Market offer a variety of delicious 

treats and a glimpse into daily life in Amsterdam. The Jordaan neighbourhood is also home to numerous cozy cafes and restaurants where you can indulge in authentic Dutch dishes. And don't forget to visit the famous cheese shops and savour the flavours of Dutch cheese.

Discovering Amsterdam's Neighbourhoods

Amsterdam's neighbourhoods each have their own unique charm. De Pijp is known for its vibrant food scene, with a wide range of international cuisines to explore. Oud-West is a trendy area filled with boutique shops and eateries. Negen Straatjes (Nine Streets) is a shopper's paradise, offering a mix of vintage boutiques, designer stores, and charming cafes. Plantage is home to beautiful botanical gardens and a zoo, perfect for a leisurely stroll.


Day Trips from Amsterdam

If you have extra time, consider taking day trips from Amsterdam to nearby attractions. Keukenhof Gardens, located just outside the city, is a world-renowned showcase of colourful tulip fields. Zaanse Schans offers a glimpse into traditional Dutch life with its picturesque windmills and historic buildings. Haarlem, a short train ride away, boasts stunning historic architecture and a vibrant cultural scene. The Hague, the seat of the Dutch government, highlights grand institutions and beautiful seaside views. Lastly, Rotterdam's modern architecture and bustling port make it a city worth exploring.



To wrap up our guide, here are some frequently asked questions about visiting Amsterdam:

What do I need to know before going to Amsterdam?

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What time of year is best to visit Amsterdam?

The spring and summer months offer pleasant weather and vibrant atmosphere, but the city is beautiful year-round.

What are my travel options from UK to Amsterdam?

We recommend travelling from London to Amsterdam on the Eurostar for a comfortable and sustainable journey.

How long does it take to get to Amsterdam by train?

Eurostar runs daily direct trains from London to Amsterdam, getting from the centre of London to the beating heart of the Netherlands couldn’t be easier. And with a journey time of 3hrs 52 mins you’ll be sampling the best of Amsterdam in no time. Plus, there’s no hidden charges for luggage or limits on liquids.