Introducing St. Pancras' New Cleaning Robots

St. Pancras International is the first train station in the world to launch state-of-the-art cleaning robots to help eradicate viruses throughout the station’s concourse and facilities.

Since the reopening of our stores and cafés in June, which saw the implementation of a number of heightened hygiene measures, we’ve decided to go a step further to provide an even safer environment for Londoners and commuters to travel and shop.

From 23 September 2020, an ultraviolet (UVD) robot, which was initially designed to significantly reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections will be doing the rounds throughout the station, in conjunction with an Ultrasonic Disinfection Atomiser cleaning robot, known as an Eco Bot 50.

Using UV-C light rays to deliver fully autonomous, fast and chemical free disinfection to large areas, the UVD robot’s unique technology can kill 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria including COVID-19 on all surfaces and in the air surrounding it in a matter of minutes.

Alongside this, the Eco Bot 50 cleans and disinfects surfaces simultaneously with an automated scrubber dryer. The robot’s function to auto-charge, drain and refill means minimal human interaction is needed and it is able to provide thorough and consistent cleaning 24/7.