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Tuesday 21 May 2019

Rocketman Movie Sparks Nostalgia at St. Pancras

The release of Rocketman, Paramount's latest biopic of Elton John starring Taron Egerton, has sparked a little nostalgia amongst us all here at St. Pancras. 

In February 2016, Sir Elton gave a surprise performance at St. Pancras and gifted the station with a Yamaha acoustic piano. The piano remains in St. Pancras' Arcade and has been enjoyed by pianists, visitors and celebrities alike ever since.

St. Pancras International is home to two public pianos and pianists of all abilities are encouraged to play a few tunes as they're passing through.

We love seeing the pianos being used and enjoyed, so feel free to share your clips on social media using the hashtag #PianistsOfStPancras - you may even get featured on one of our channels. 

📸 IG credit: @lotkins

🎥 YouTube credit: Ed Cox    

Monday 20 May 2019

Half Croissant. Half Waffle.

'Croiffle' is the name Godiva have given to their new pastry invention, it's half croissant, half waffle, and take it from us - it's delicious. 

Following a new refurb of their St. Pancras store, Godiva have a few fresh new features, including a sit-in or grab-and-go coffee service! Don't worry, they still have plenty of truffles, biscuits and many other treats we've come to know and love about Godiva.

Drop by their shop in the Arcade. 

Monday 20 May 2019

Veggie Food at St. Pancras: The Rail Food Revolution Starts Here

Not so long ago rail travel and decent food was an unthinkable pairing, with most of us having to make do with a stale cheese roll and a vending machine KitKat to keep the wolf from the door - and the least said about vegetarian options the better.  

Well, here at St. Pancras, one of London’s busiest transport hubs, you can bid farewell to those choiceless monochrome days and welcome a new, plentiful era of railway cuisine.

Just because you maybe commuting through with little time to spare, doesn’t mean you have to compromise. Let us help, here’s just a few veggie and vegan highlights you’ll find at St. Pancras.

Click here for more.

Friday 10 May 2019

Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Collection Lands at Boots, St. Pancras

St. Pancras' Boots store is just one of a six Boots stores in London stocking Rihanna's makeup range, Fenty Beauty

The collection is largely celebrated for its inclusivity, with a stunningly wide variety of shades in both foundations and bronzers. Visit St. Pancras' Boots on your next commute to get your Fenty Fix. 

Boots, St. Pancras.

Monday 06 May 2019

You wouldn't believe this is dairy free... 🌱

Made from almonds are cashews, DÁPPA's completely plant-based ice cream arrives at St. Pancras.

We think this is potentially the best ice cream in London, but you'll have to just try it for yourself to see. Find DÁPPA at the station's Sourced Market, they're open all summer from 12-8pm, Tuesday-Sunday. 

More about Sourced Market.