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Tuesday 25 June 2019

AMT Open Cosy New Coffee Shop

Although AMT never technically left St. Pancras, they have had a bit of a house move; they still do coffee and their new shop remains on the Grand Terrace - so you're probably wondering what's so different? Here's what's new...

AMT's new cosy upstairs mezzanine could become St. Pancras' worst kept secret amongst coffee-lovers.

With seating above the coffee counter (as well as outside under the train shed roof), the cafe has a very distinct cute and cosy feel about it - perfect for those quiet coffee breaks with a book or laptop.

From the beginning of July AMT will also be serving some freshly baked vegan treats - ranging from apricot croissants and vegan sausage rolls, to a variety of tasty fruit bars. 

That's not all. You wouldn't typically associate a coffee shop to be the place of choice for alcoholic drinks, but if you fancy a quiet sit-down beer or wine after work, AMT is definitely the place for you. Their modest range of bottled beers and wine makes AMT a nice pre-train pit-stop.

Finally, don't forget that last Christmas AMT led the way in lessening the impact on the environment by launching the first fully biocompostable takeaway coffee cup. Being entirely plant-based, AMT's cups decompose within a year. So you could be saving the planet with every cup of coffee.