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Monday 27 February 2017

St Pancras International welcomes the Poetry Periscope

St Pancras International welcomes the Poetry Periscope as it reaches the last stop of its year long, national tour!

The Poetry Periscope will reside in St Pancras until 30th April 2017, allowing commuters and visitors the chance to enjoy a host of poetry from Els Moors, Jackie Kay and Jan Wagner (among many more) as they pass through the station.

The Poetry Periscope aims to remind us who we are and what we would like to be, regardless of where we come from, through the power of poetry. To illustrate this Piána na ulici (Pianos on the Street), The Poetry Society, and the European Literature Festival have carefully selected recordings of poems from 30 European cultures, to highlight the importance of acknowledging our own feelings.

The now, St Pancras blue, instalment was first seen in the British Library last spring and has since travelled the length of the country - returning for the final leg of its journey to St Pancras.

The Poetry Periscope features both classic and upcoming poets from across Europe with the option of listening in their native language, they will be inspiring travellers from Monday 27th February until 30th April 2017.

A joint project by Piána na ulici (Pianos on the Street), the Czech Centre London and The Poetry Society, The Poetry Periscope is part of the European Literature Festival, organised by EUNIC and initiated by the Czech Centre London.