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Joe & The Juice

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Joe & The Juice

Founded in Copenhagen in 2002 by CEO Kaspar Basse, JOE & THE JUICE offers a modern urban ambiance appealing to millennial customers looking for convenience as they live fast-paced, yet healthy lifestyles. Using high-quality, natural, and organic ingredients, the company offers freshly prepared juices, shakes, coffee, and sandwiches. JOE & THE JUICE's emphasis on customer service has created a unique atmosphere within its stores where customers can work or socialize while enjoying exceptional juice and coffee products. The company has a strong global presence with 200 stores worldwide, in which a majority of the stores are located in the Nordic region of Europe and across the UK. The company has a growing presence in Asia and recently entered the US market. 

''We have always been about coffee, juice and much more. In JOE & THE JUICE, "a Juicer" is not a machine! We focus 100% on people! Our fundamental purpose is to build a contemporary educational platform for how to prepare all people of our movement for a healthy life filled with aspiration and meaning.''