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Friday 14 October 2016

An audience with Ron Arad RA

On Wednesday evening, St Pancras International hosted an intimate audience with Terrace Wires artist Ron Arad RA, to celebrate the mid-way point of the exhibition of Ron’s 18-metre-long sculpture, Thought Train of Thought.

Along with Tim Marlow, Artistic Director at the RA, the hour long discussion was hosted for the local students of Central Saint Martins at the University of the Arts London, the station’s commuters, The Guardian subscribers as well as friends of the RA, with hope of sparking debate and thought around the mesmerising, blade-like piece.

We had a total of over 40 guests attend this one-off event to listen to Ron and Tim talk about the inspiration behind the piece, his career so far and the importance of art in the public sphere. 

Have you seen Thought Train of Thought, Terrace Wires’ first rotating commission, yet? It will come down at the beginning of January 2017 before a new installation is revealed in spring 2017, so be sure to see it while you can!

Thursday 13 October 2016

Hatchards' October Poetry recommendations

To celebrate National poetry day on the 6th of October Hatchards recommends these following tiles  
Over the Moon by Imtiaz Dharker
Imtiaz Dharker was born in Pakistan, grew up a Muslim Calvinist in a Lahori household in Glasgow, was adopted by India and married into Wales. Her main themes are drawn from a life of transitions: childhood, exile, journeying, home, displacement, religious strife and terror, and latterly, grief. She is also an accomplished artist, and all her collections are illustrated with her drawings, which form an integral part of her books. These are poems of joy and sadness, of mourning and celebration: poems about music and feet, church bells, beds, cafe tables, bad language and sudden silence.
Off the Shelf by Carol Ann Duffy
In Off the Shelf: A Celebration of Bookshops in Verse, Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy has commissioned a selection of the UK's most loved and lauded poets to each write a poem in celebration of books and bookshops - the worlds they hold, the freedoms they promise, and the memories they evoke. With poems from Carol Ann Duffy, Scottish Makar Jackie Kay, National Poet of Wales Gillian Clarke, as well as Clive James, Michael Longley, Don Paterson, Patience Agbabi and many more
Poetry Please foreword by Roger McGough
BBC Radio 4's Poetry Please is the longest-running broadcast of verse anywhere in the world. First aired in 1979, the programme, a request show which broadcasts to two million listeners a week, has become a unique record of the country's best-loved poems over the decades since its inception. The BBC has looked back through its rich archive of recordings to produce a poll of the most asked for and most broadcast pieces ever: it is those poems that this anthology brings together here. A showcase, in effect, for the nation's favourite verse.
Ask in store for further details. 

Thursday 13 October 2016

The John Betjeman Poetry Prize winner announced as the new St Pancras Laureate

Last week, St Pancras International celebrated National Poetry Day with a series of poetry filled events. One of these events was the 2016 John Betjeman Poetry Prize award ceremony, which was hosted by one of this year’s judges, Imtiaz Dharker.

Imtiaz, alongside Co-judge Carol Ann Duffy, whittled down thousands of entries to a shortlist of six young hopefuls who all read aloud their work at the event, along with a guest recital from Prize patron, Joanna Lumley.

The overall winner of the Prize, 12 year-old Archita Sinha from London, not only received the accolade of Prize winner but she also received the honour of becoming the second St Pancras Laureate, following the inaugural residence of last year’s winner, Lucy Arnold-Forster.

In her new role, Archita will be commissioned to write three new poems over the course of the next 12 months, inspired by the station, our art programme, Terrace Wires as well as seasonal events such as Christmas and summer.

We are excited to work with Archita as her John Betjeman Poetry Prize winning poem, The Grave of Ignor Prewett, which can be read in full below, was brilliantly thoughtful.

Congratulations once again, to the talented Archita Sinha.


The Grave of Ignor Prewett

By Archita Sinha (12)


This is the grave of Ignor Prewett.


This is a flower

On the grave of Ignor Prewett.


This is a petal

Of the elegant flower

On the grave of Ignor Prewett.


This is a hand

Which catches the yellow petal

Of the wind--blown flower

On the grave of Ignor Prewett.


This is a toddler, smiling and looking

At the tender hand

Which grasps the delicate petal

Of the squashed flower

On the grave of Ignor Prewett.


This is a man

Remembering the toddler, grinning and peering

At the warm hand

Which clutches the silky petal

Of the rotting flower

On the grave of Ignor Prewett.


This is a lady

Who loved the affectionate man

Who remembered the toddler, beaming and gazing

At the fat hand

Which clenches the withering petal

Of the dead flower

On the grave of Ignor Prewett.


This is the old man

Who adored the lady

Who married the altruistic man

Who remembered the toddler, smiling and looking

At the tiny hand

Which grips the velvety petal

Of the expired flower

On the grave of Ignor Prewett.


This is a gravestone

Of the old man

Who fell for the forlorn lady

Who married the benevolent man

Who remembered the child looking

At The hand

Which held the yellowed petal

Of the lifeless flower

On the grave of Ignor Prewett.

Monday 03 October 2016

Jools Holland surprises commuters with special perfomance

Last week, St Pancras International and its commuters were surprised and delighted with a special performance from piano maestro Jools Holland, who treated passers-by to an upbeat session to get them in the mood for the day.

The performance, on Thursday morning, saw Jools play a selection of songs that will appear on his new, and highly anticipated album and was also recorded by his team so that it can be included on the new album too.

Jools’ one-off performance can be viewed in full here

Monday 19 September 2016

Autumn Winter Collection

Renowned for their cool London designs, great quality and attention to detail, Dune London champion building outfits from the foundations up and celebrating shoes for the sartorial saviours they are.Dune London is excited to present our Autumn Winter 2016 collection.
This season is all about textures, detailing and rich colour palettes to create a shoe wardrobe that works effortlessly day to night for both Women and Men.
Ask in store at St Pancras International for further details.

Sunday 04 September 2016

Hold That Thought: St Pancras Poet Laureate pens her third and final poem

With a little over a month to go until the 2016 John Bejteman Poetry Prize is awarded, our inaugural St Pancras Poet Laureate, Lucy Arnold-Forster (13), has penned her third and final poem for us.

Inspired in part, by our latest Terrace Wires installation by Ron Arad, Lucy’s wonderful poem, Hold That Thought captures the feeling she felt when watching the amazing Thought Train of Thought seamlessly rotate in the station this summer.

To read Lucy's final poem in full, along with her other submissions, please visit the poetry page on the St Pancras website.

Saturday 03 September 2016

Fat Face

It was 1988. Two young British guys were skiing in the French Alps, had an idea, and started to talk. What if they started selling tees and sweats, and made enough money to carry on skiing? And what if it was possible to live their dreams by setting up a small business with a big heart?

Their favourite ski run was ‘La Face’ in Val D’Isere, a ‘black-run’ which inspired our company name FatFace. Over 25 years later we still love adventure, love life and have the same strong values. We still make clothes that reflect the happy, healthy and active lifestyles of our customers.

Our clothes are proudly designed by our team in England with a focus on modern styling and ‘hero’ pieces for your wardrobe. We care about the detail and we create clothes that are built to last, at prices you can trust. We wash them again and again, until they have that relaxed ‘old favourite’ feel, from new. We believe our clothes are washed in happiness, before they find their way to you. It’s what makes FatFace different. We like that and we hope you do too.

FatFace... Washed in Happiness

Ask in store for details

Saturday 03 September 2016

And the winner is...

Congratulations to Summer - the winner of our drawing competition, in partnership with House of Illustration.

Summer, who took part in our drawing competition earlier this season alongside a number of other kids visiting the station, is set to enjoy a jam-packed weekend of fun in Margate - with travel organised by Southeastern's high-speed train service, a chance to visit the Turner Contemporary, an overnight stay courtesy of Visit Kent and a visit to the Dreamland Margate fun fair!