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Friday 27 November 2015

Helen Storey's Dress For Our Time

Ahead of the COP21 Climate Change conference in Paris taking place on Monday, we unveiled an innovative new installation at the station yesterday morning.

Available to view until Sunday 29th November, Dress For Our Time has been created by artist and designer Helen Storey MBE RDI, and is the world's first digital couture dress dedicated to exploring climate change and its human impact.

The ‘Dress’ was created in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and digitally displays data, provided by the Met Office, showing the impact of climate change on our physical world showing our planet as it will be if we do nothing.

We hope it will raise engagement and awareness of our collective responsibility to tackle climate change for future generations.


Tuesday 24 November 2015

Look Up London!

Some of you may have already noticed that our One More Time, 2015 Terrace Wires art installation by Cornelia Parker RA, has finally been taken down. 

After being suspended from our beautiful Barlow shed roof for the past 6 months, the piece inspired commuters and visitors to take time out of their busy schedule and look up.

We thought is was about time that more of us took the opportunity to appreciate the the stunning artworks on offer for free throughout the city so we partnered with renowned architectural photographer, Paul Grundy, to curate a collection of London’s best public art. 

The full Look Up London collection of public artworks include:

  1. One More Time by Cornelia Parker (St Pancras International)

  2. Wind Sculpture by Yinka Shonibare MBE (Howick Place)

  3. Winged Figure by Barbara Hepworth (John Lewis Oxford Street)

  4. A Bullet From A Shooting Star by Alex Chinneck (Greenwich Peninsula)

  5. Nail by Gavin Turk (One New Change)

  6. Poured Lines by Ian Davenport (Southwark Street)

  7. Fulcrum by Richard Serra (Broadgate)

  8. Day by Jacob Epstein (55 Broadway)

All of Paul's breathtaking images can be viewed on The Guardian Online and we hope that it inspires others to look up just a little more often.

How many of these artworks have you noticed before?

Thursday 12 November 2015

The magic of Christmas begins as Alesha Dixon unveils our Disney Junior soft toy Christmas tree

Today, singer, TV presenter and Britain's Got Talent Judge, Alesha Dixon, unveiled our world’s biggest Disney Junior Christmas Tree, created entirely from Disney Store soft toys, bringing the magic of Christmas to commuters and families.  

But the magic doesn’t end there! Our spectacular 14-metre high tree has been brought to life with snow falling for the very first time inside the station! 

Every four minutes snowflakes will magically fall from the top of the tree, specifically designed to dissolve as they reach the ground without leaving a trace. 

Taking pride of place on our concourse at St Pancras until 4 January 2016, the Disney Junior Christmas tree has been created using individual soft toys of children’s favourite Disney characters from the big screen and TV with a metre high Mickey Mouse sitting on top. 

The magic will continue long after the tree is taken down as the 2,000 soft toys provided by The Disney Store will be donated to KIDS, a leading charity which cares for disabled children, young people and their families.

Friday 06 November 2015

Did someone say cheese?

Here at St Pancras International, we are very proud to say that thanks to our very own Sourced Market, every day is market day. 

However, today is an especially proud one as it has just been announced that Sourced Market has been nominated as the Guild of Fine Food’s Best Cheese Counter of the year! 

There are just 10 shortlisted nominations that have been hand-selected from across the whole of the British Isles, and the winner will be announced at the one and only World Cheese Awards on the 26th November, sponsored by the Gruyere Cheese Association.  

We’ll keep you posted on whether or not they have made the top 3, but in the meantime, why not stop by and give their almost award-winning cheese counter a try for yourself?


Thursday 29 October 2015

Matthew Fort launches Great British Train Fare magazine at The Betjeman Arms

This afternoon at The Betjeman Arms, we held the launch of our very own Great British Train Fare magazine with retailers, friends of the station as well as renowned food critic and guest editor Matthew Fort. 

St Pancras International's exclusive preview followed a ten-week, in-station celebration which championed the European towns and cities that have left their mark on British culinary culture. 

The digital guide features profiles on key foodie regions across the UK and Europe, including Nottingham, Brighton, Sheffield, and Marseille, alongside Matthew's recommendations on the best restaurants to visit in each town and is available to view from the St Pancras website and ISSUU. 

Food critic Matthew Fort said: St Pancras is perfectly positioned as a hub for this kind of culinary guide. The station is a gateway to the all the major food centres on the continent, moreover, it has grown into a gastronomic stalwart in its own right. I love spending time in the station marvelling at the wonderful architecture around me; it’s more than just a train station, it’s a place you choose to spend time in.” 

The Great British Train Fare magazine featuring Nottingham, Brighton, Bedford, Sheffield, Margate, Dover, Paris, Brussels and Marseille is available for free from 29 October on our website.

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Turn back time…

With the clocks changing last Sunday, the only 25 hour day in the calendar, we thought that there’s no better occasion to draw inspiration from the plethora of time themed artworks that have been created throughout history. 

As you might have already spotted at the station, Royal Academician Cornelia Parker’s piece One More Time, 2015, is exhibited in one of the more unusual public art locations; suspended above the Grand Terrace of St Pancras International, the work hangs from the rafters of our iconic Barlow Shed roof as the third incarnation of our Terrace Wires commissioning art programme. This year signalled the start of a four year partnership between HS1 and the Royal Academy of Arts to develop the programme for new artwork by leading international artists and Cornelia Parker RA was the first artist to be selected. 

Cornelia Parker’s work is a working replica of the station’s original DENT London clock, reversed out in black with white hands and numerals in silver detail. The black clock is suspended 16 metres in front of the original so for those alighting from the trains the original face will gradually appear eclipsed. 

Cornelia Parker RA said One More Time is conceived to invoke meditative thoughts on the passage of time, life and mortality. The clock is the most conscious focus of a railway station, a dominant force. Everyone is watching the clock, checking if they are late. The piece will introduce the idea of a parallel frame of reference, that of a slower astronomical time.’ 

A few more comparable works that explore the theme of time include: 

  •          Salvador Dali, Persistence of Memory, 1931
  •          Michael Craig-Martin RA, Fragments, 2015
  •          Raqs Media Collective, Escapement, 2009.
  •          Christian Marclay, The Clock, 2010
  •          Felix Gonzalez-Torres, (Untitled) Perfect Lovers, 1991
  •          Richard Wentworth, the Warwick Dials, 2000
  •          Darren Almond, Perfect Time (8x3), 2012

One More Time by Cornelia Parker RA can be viewed at St Pancras International station until Friday 27th November 2015.

Monday 19 October 2015

Sweet treat fashion showcase at St Pancras

Last week we celebrated Chocolate Week at St Pancras by hosting a preview of The Chocolate Show’s fashion collection ahead of the weekend’s live catwalk shows. 

The four outfits on display were created using chocolate and designed by top chocolatiers: 

  • Lucie Bennett, baking category winner at the Young British Foodie awards, collaborated with Brighton designer Lauren Pratt to create a chocolate dress inspired by the fairy tale character Maleficent, entitled 'The Queen of Ravens’ 
  • Anita Thakker, founder of Fruitful Blooms, teamed up with a French fashion designer to create an Opulent Indulgence haute couture dress featuring individual leaves and necklace handcrafted out of pure chocolate 
  • Aneesh Popat of The Chocolatier created a design inspired by mermaids, featuring gold scales dipped in dark chocolate and aptly entitled ‘The Goddess of the Sea’ 
  • York, The Chocolate City, captured the city’s chocolate heritage with a design using classic chocolates that have been invented and made there, including Terry’s All Gold, Black Magic and Chocolate Orange 

The chocolate fashion show started in Paris 20 years ago and is now famous across the globe. Following last week’s preview at St Pancras International, the full London edition of 10 outfits premiered at The Chocolate Show which took place at Olympia between Friday 16th and Sunday 18th October 2015. 

For more information, please visit The Chocolate Show’s website here.

Monday 12 October 2015

St Pancras appoints first poet laureate

Last week on National Poetry Day, Thursday 8th October, we were thrilled to appoint our very first poet laureate, as well as announce the winner of the Betjeman Poetry Prize 2015.

Founded in 2006 to mark his centenary birthday, the Betjeman Poetry Prize attracts around 3,000 entries per year from children across the UK. The competition aims to foster creativity in young people whilst discovering and encouraging the next generation of British poets. 

For the first time, the winner of this year's competition was also awarded the honour of becoming the inaugural St Pancras Laureate.

Judged by poet A.F. Harrold and author Lauren Child,  the 2015 Betjeman Poetry Prize WINNER and the FIRST EVER St Pancras Laureate is....

Lucy Arnold-Forster, aged 13, from Henrietta Barnett School in London! 

As part of the role, Lucy will be commissioned to write three poems. The first will be based on the theme of Christmas at St Pancras, the second will mark the opening of the 2016 Betjeman Poetry Prize competition and the final poem will follow the unveiling of the 2016 Terrace Wires artwork, the station’s public art space. 

All three poems, along with the Betjeman Poetry Prize 2015 winning entry, will be displayed in Hatchard’s bookstore in St Pancras International as well as on our website.

Please see below for Lucy's winning entry and find the full list of Betjeman Poetry Prize 2015 shortlisted finalists here.

The Betjeman Poetry Prize competition reopens in January 2016.


Home Is Where the Heart Is

I never thought
My home would be a memory
An echo of a thought,
An imprint of
Some childhood experience.
I never thought
That vivid picture
Of the dirty vinyl floor,
The fluffy white rug,
The blue door,
Would fade away,
Replaced by some new house,
A house with blue carpets
And white doors.
I never thought
My home,
The postage-stamp garden,
The thick, smiling plants
And my plastic watering can,
Would become mere thoughts,
Floating in forgotten regions of my mind.
I never thought
The little house
With rusty hinges
And broken cupboards,
Would become a fantasy,
A lost dream of mine.
I never thought,
my love,
My heart’s dwelling,
The place I always longed to be,
The door I always passed into comfort,
The house I always felt at home,
I would never tread again.
Some say,
Moving house.
I say,
Leaving Home.