Music at
St Pancras

St. Pancras International provides a huge welcome to London, and what better place to showcase exceptional music than this?

Jamie Cullum

Extraordinary music, in an extraordinary place.

St Pancras International has played host to some of the world’s biggest music stars – from Jamie Cullum to Ed Sheeran – as well as local acts such as No Hunger Orchestra and Urban Voice Collective. The station brings together music and the community in a stunning setting. 

As well as welcoming visitors to London, we want to serve the people who travel through the station day in, day out with something magical.

Brianmay 260X101

Big Names

As a true global landmark, St Pancras International has attracted big names from across the world to play in the station. From pop-up gigs through to album launches, the station has been a stage for the likes of Jamie Cullum and Brian May, all playing to crowds of hundreds at a time. Last year Ed Sheeran even came to the station in cognito, busking to the crowds and causing a stir. Who know who you’ll encounter next time you visit?

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As well as big names, St Pancras also acts as a perfect stage for charities and community groups looking to raise awareness about their causes while showcasing their talents. Most recently the No Hunger Orchestra, along with soul star Bo Saris and Urban Voices Collective, delivered a show-stopping performance. The act was broadcast live across three simultaneous music concerts in London, Paris and Madrid to honour World Hunger Day, meaning spectators were part of a-world-first music event while raising awareness of an important issue.

Piano 2


Since introducing our first Street Piano in 2009, we’ve had a fantastic response from station visitors and have now introduced a further two. Over the months we’ve heard everything from Chopsticks to Chopin, so don’t be shy next time you come through…

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Coming Up

Music is at the heart of our summer programme of activities and this year is no exception. Keep an eye on our news page to stay up to date with the latest news of what’s coming up

Station Sessions

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Station Sessions at St Pancras International is a unique series of live events and short performance videos featuring the best emerging music from across the globe. Details on the 2014 Station Sessions programme of events will be coming soon.